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Tapered Full-Face Flanges

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STF Series Tapered Full-Face Flanges

Standard Class 150 (150 lb.) Tapered Full-Face Flanges

Base Part Number: As shown here, the BASE PART NUMBER defines the Series (three characters), the material (one character), the nominal size, the maximum thickness H1, and the minimum thickness H2. Use a decimal number to indicate the nominal size. Then replace H1 and H2 in the part number with the maximum and minimum thicknesses in decimals. For maximum thicknesses over 6”, contact factory. Note that the Class (or lb.) designation does not imply a pressure rating.
For example, a 3/4” Class 150 PTFE Tapered Full-Face Flange x 1” thick (
H1) x 3/4” thick (H2) would


Class 300 (300 lb.) Spacers: For Class 300 spacers, add to the Base Part Number the suffix 300. For other classes, contact the factory. For example, a 2” Class 300 PTFE Tapered Full-Face Flange x 1-1/2” thick (H1) x 1” thick (H2) would be STFT-2-1.5-1-300

DOUBLE TAPER: For Double Tapered Flanges, contact the factory.

Click here to view the Sizes of Class 150 and 300 Spacers and Flanges.

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Item #

Nominal Size

PTFE Part Number

PVDF (Kynar®) Part Number

Polypropylene Part Number

CPVC Part Number

1 1/2 STFT-0.5-H1-H2 STFK-0.5-H1-H2 STFP-0.5-H1-H2 STFC-0.5-H1-H2
2 3/4 STFT-0.75-H1-H2 STFK-0.75-H1-H2 STFP-0.75-H1-H2 STFC-0.75-H1-H2
3 1 STFT-1-H1-H2 STFK-1-H1-H2 STFP-1-H1-H2 STFC-1-H1-H2
4 1-1/2 STFT-1.5-H1-H2 STFK-1.5-H1-H2 STFP-1.5-H1-H2 STFC-1.5-H1-H2
5 2 STFT-2-H1-H2 STFK-2-H1-H2 STFP-2-H1-H2 STFC-2-H1-H2
6 2-1/2 STFT-2.5-H1-H2 STFK-2.5-H1-H2 STFP-2.5-H1-H2 STFC-2.5-H1-H2
7 3 STFT-3-H1-H2 STFK-3-H1-H2 STFP-3-H1-H2 STFC-3-H1-H2
8 4 STFT-4-H1-H2 STFK-4-H1-H2 STFP-4-H1-H2 STFC-4-H1-H2
9 6 STFT-6-H1-H2 STFK-6-H1-H2 STFP-6-H1-H2 STFC-6-H1-H2
10 8 STFT-8-H1-H2 STFK-8-H1-H2 STFP-8-H1-H2 STFC-8-H1-H2
11 10 STFT-10-H1-H2 STFK-10-H1-H2 STFP-10-H1-H2 STFC-10-H1-H2
12 12 STFT-12-H1-H2 STFK-12-H1-H2 STFP-12-H1-H2 STFC-12-H1-H2
13 14 STFT-14-H1-H2 STFK-14-H1-H2 STFP-14-H1-H2 STFC-14-H1-H2
14 16 STFT-16-H1-H2 STFK-16-H1-H2 STFP-16-H1-H2 STFC-16-H1-H2
15 18 STFT-18-H1-H2 STFK-18-H1-H2 STFP-18-H1-H2 STFC-18-H1-H2
16 20 STFT-20-H1-H2 STFK-20-H1-H2 STFP-20-H1-H2 STFC-20-H1-H2
17 24 STFT-24-H1-H2 STFK-24-H1-H2 STFP-24-H1-H2 STFC-24-H1-H2
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1