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Item # 3, 1" Double Flanged Dip Pipe

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DDF Series Double Flanged Dip Pipes

Standard Double-Flanged Dip Pipes

Part Number: As shown here, the PART NUMBER (DDF-NS-MF-L1) defines the series (first three characters), the nominal tube and connecting flange size NS, the mounting (or nozzle) flange size MF, and the insertion length L1. Use a decimal number to indicate NS. Then, replace MF with the decimal number to indicate the nominal size of the mounting flange and replace L1 with the insertion length in inches.

For example, a 1-1/2” Double-Flange Dip Pipe with a 4” mounting flange x 60” insertion length would be DDF-1.5-4-60

Note 1: When used in a 1” nozzle, fits schedule 40 or thinner wall nozzles only.

Note 2: When used in a 1-1/2” nozzle, fits schedule 40 or thinner wall nozzles only.

Note 3: This size used with 2” nozzles only and fits schedule 40 or thinner wall nozzles only.

Note 4: Click here to reference tables showing standard dimensions and mounting flange seal diameters.

Note 5: Standard flanges have ANSI Class 150 drilling. Class 300 and other sizes available.

Note 6: Standard tolerance on inserted length is ± 1/2”. Closer tolerances available, contact factory.

Note 7: Standard distance (L2) between flange sealing faces is 5”. Spacing is increased when a reinforcing collar is used. To order non-standard spacing, contact the factory.

Note 8: Most dimensions are governed by connecting flange size as shown in the Standard Dimension Table.

Note 9: Maximum standard overall length is 16 feet. For longer lengths, contact factory.

Note 10: For service conditions exceeding 350 F°, or 150 PSI, or vacuum service, contact factory.


Connecting Flange and
Nominal Tube Size

1Note 2

PTFE Jacket OD







See Note 5

Steel Tube Thickness