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Item # 1, C Series Curved Dip Pipes

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C Series Curved Dip Pipes

Double-Flanged Curved Dip Pipe

(Curved units are also available in single-flanged and reducing-flanged.)

For Curved Dip Pipes, add to a dip pipe Part Number the suffix C. For example, a 3/4” Nominal Size curved, Double-Flanged Dip Pipe with a 1-1/2” mounting flange and 6' length would be DSF-0.75-1.5-72"-C

Please supply the desired insertion length (L1), and the offset distance (L3).  The factory will verify that the desired geometry can be achieved within the constraints of minimum bend radius. You may also wish to provide us with the inner diameter and length of the tank nozzle. We will verify that the dip pipe will fit through it.