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Baffle - PTFE

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Turn any plastic lined Tee into a simple in-line strainer. We make PTFE, PVDF, and PPL baffle strainers to fit your plastic lined Tee, allowing you to quickly and easily protect pumps, valves, and other sensitive components. If you prefer, we can source a Tee for you and supply the complete assembly. This is cheap insurance which comes in a wide range of pipe sizes and hole patterns available to suit the needs of your system. For high-flow conditions, we can reinforce the baffle strainer with support struts. Standard hole size is 1/4”, Other hole sizes and other configurations such as ETFE mesh are available.

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Item #

Nominal Pipe Size





1 1 BFT08 BFK08 BFP08 CAD Icon (for items table)
2 1-1/2 BFT12 BFK12 BFP12 CAD Icon (for items table)
3 2 BFT16 BFK16 BFP16 CAD Icon (for items table)
4 2-1/2 BFT20 BFK20 BFP20 CAD Icon (for items table)
5 3 BFT24 BFK24 BFK24 CAD Icon (for items table)
6 4 BFT32 BFK32 BFP32 CAD Icon (for items table)
7 6 BFT48 BFK48 BFP48 CAD Icon (for items table)